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If you would like to receive information on McCall’s products please complete the form below or give us a call at (800) 396-0332. We will send you a catalog, wholesale order forms and other wholesale related information. If you wish to view our products in the meantime, you can go to our retail website at

Store / Retailer Information

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Become A Retailer :: A Checklist

Welcome to McCall’s! We would love to have you as a part of the McCall Family. A few things to note: Because we are committed to selling to retail gift, home furnishing & specialty stores (which helps keep our products unique in your store), the following items need to be on file before your first McCall’s order can be processed. As to not delay your order(s), please submit these items as soon as possible. (Please note that any orders in-house will be put on hold until these items are received and approved.)

This information and all forms below will be included in your catalog. Each one here is also a downloadable/printable pdf link.

___RETAILER SET-UP FORM (can also be completed in above section)


       1. Verification/Proof of your Store: (If your store is not completed yet, please let us know)

  • McCall’s can verify your storefront/location via Google Earth and/or your Business Facebook Page
  • A McCall’s Sales Representative/Road Rep that services your store can simply approve you.
  • Your own website showing your store. Just tell us the name of your site, and we’ll simply check it out.
  • Photos of Your Store: A storefront picture showing your sign and an inside-store picture. Or…Printed material (i.e., if your store was featured in the newspaper, etc.)

       2. A copy of your business check (voided) or a deposit slip showing your store name & address on the face of the check/deposit slip. (If you have a representative approve you, you do not  need to supply this item.)

       3. California & Missouri Businesses: California Resale Certificate (Form BOE-230) or Missouri Sales/Use Tax Exemption Certificate  (Form 149 MO 860-1528)

       4. Tax ID/Resellers Certificate

___CREDIT APPLICATION (OPTIONAL) Complete, Sign & Return if you wish to apply for a Net 30 account.

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